Why Dizolo?

Dizolo is a word from Brittany (the most western region of France) which can mean "discovery" or "open air". Being of Breton origins, and a new technologies geek, I had the simple desire to link two worlds that are very important to me.

Under the hood

Dizolo is built around modern technologies such as Linux (Archlinux mostly) and Docker containers. Nginx to host all static pages, Traefik as a (wonderful) reverse proxy, Let's Encrypt to provide X.509 (automated) certificates, HTML5, Javascript, Unicode and many more. Dizolo uses only free and opensource softwares (FOSS) with a little bit of hack (because it's fun ✨).

Rock 🎧 Roll

Yeah, well. Who doesn't like music, right? We love all sorts of music (but reggae!). From Django Reinhardt to Pantera, going through Jimi Hendrix, George Benson, Biréli Lagrène, alt-J, The National, Radiohead, Rage Against the Machine, Massive Attack and so much more...

Enjoy the ride

Dizolo is a collection of various applications, blog, wiki, etc. Feel free to visit and contribute. If you find a bug, you can report it on Github, or directly contact us by email. We can also provide DevOps, IT & ITSM consulting services to customers everywhere in Western Europe (France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium...). If you're interested, you can reach us by emailing brewal·bouvet 🎩 gmail·com.